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Who We Are?

Overproof Records Ltd is a Platform that provides multi-platinum service worldwide mostly Caribbean. We are not just a record label we are thee Record label that renovates artist, managers, engineer, labels etc. An it’s not only about getting you on top but about getting you in line collect your 100% royalties from all corner, be responsible for your interest cause we’re committed to your success, by focusing on getting artist their full rights to their product, with a (Press-Kit) that’s not only a kit but a platinum ratings PRESS-KIT. Feeds you with knowledge to protect your rights to your music, videos, or even your photo, with our staff of Multi-platinum blueprint knowledge of service delighted to represent a serve you.


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Jovian Jackson ( born August 1, 1990)  known as Jovexx a Reggae Dancehall Artiste from  Montego Bay,  St James, Jamaica. Jovian grew up in a Christian  home singing at an early age and was inspired by Michael Jackson and Jah Cure. He recorded his first song at age Eleven (11),  and further went on to Maldon High School where he got his name “Jovexx” by his classmates after always singing to them in class. His melodious voice went  viral on Social Media in 2016,  just by singing Acapella at a corner shop in his community. Jovexx then started working on his musical career as he then recognize his talent and further went on to release his first music video in 2018, titled (Go Hard). He’s always been in love with music ever since he was a child and will not stop for nothing because music is his passion.


Management packages from 1yr to 5yr includes music release, movie placements, radio Airplay, magazine placement, website featuring, social media promo an networking, paid & free gigs you get 75% of all paid gigs, music chart featuring, radio/TV interviews, 5 free beat plus free licensing Etc..


As the music business is 95% of business and the other 5% is where the artist sings and record a song we offer guidance and consultation for artist and producers for as theirs lots of revenue from a music recording and with a blue print you can know what an what not to do. .

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Overproof Records Ltd is an online music platform that coaches incoming/exposed recording artist an deals mostly in Music Promotions, Artist placements-(magazine movie newspaper etc.) radio interviews, getting artist deals and good management service. Exposure of our artistes is our main priority. We specialize in Reggae, Rap, EDM, Dancehall an Afro Genres.

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